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Just Enough Light LP
Tam... Tam... Tam...! LP
Take It Off EP 12"
Music Exists Disc 4 LP
Crown Shyness 12"
Overcoming the Influence EP 12"
Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve 2LP
Untitled Kingdom CD
Untitled Kingdom 2LP
Countach (Kolsch Remix) 12"
Tears And Walls 12"
Echo/They Want Us To Fall Down 12"
Calypso - Is Like So LP
Numeros 12"
Indio Black (Adios Sabata) LP
Requiem Per Un Agente Segreto LP
The Wurly Chronicles EP 12"
Running EP 12"
Mountains Of Dew 12"
Young Man With The Horn, Vol. 1 LP
Young Man With The Horn, Vol. 2 LP
Young Man With The Horn, Vol. 3 LP
The Lost Continent LP
Sterile Hand LP
Improvisations And Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001 LP
Aztec Code/Daywalker 12"
Deaf Chonky EP 12"
Rose Tinted Vision Implant 2LP
Frankfurt Main/Saida 222 12"
Early Tapes 1977-1982 LP
London Is The Place For Me 3 2LP
Better Weather 12"
Infoline Global 12"
Light On Leaves 12"
Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus LP
Jean-Luc Godard: Bandes Originales 1959-1963 LP
I'm Still In 2 It 12"
LF RMX 007 12"
Celestial Ocean LP+CD
Vactrol Park 12"
We'll Sea Pt. 3 12"
Shelleys 12"
Light Is Liquid LP
Muna Musik 007 12"
Culture EP 12"
Sacred Groves LP
Francesca's Frames 12"
Pick Up 12"
Passeport006 12"
Ruff Draft: Dilla's Mix 2LP
Have You Ever 12"
Erudition: A Tribute To Marcus Belgrave 12"
Splashdown: The Creation Days 1990-1991 2LP
The Originator LP
Shed Your Skin LP
Later That Day... 2LP
The King LP
Nessuno Schema Nella Mia Vita LP+CD
Irreale Realta LP+CD
Citta In Fiamme 1983-1987 LP+CD
Lineage Of The Sun 2LP
Ancient Lights 2x12"
Space Teddy EP 12"
Conic Sections LP
Little Girl Blue: Early California Sessions LP
Blood, Sweat And Tears LP
Girls! Girls! Girls! LP
At Jazz At The Philharmonic LP
Nina At Newport LP
Pithecanthropus Erectus LP
Jazz For The Thinker LP
Chet Baker & Strings LP
Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack) LP
BB-8/Barbarossa 12"
Autopsy: Original Soundtrack 2LP
Live In Metz '77 LP
Wax Poetic For This Our Great Resolve CD
Hippie Gospel Songs 10"
Moebius Story Leidecker/Andreas Spechtl 12"
Der Plan/Schlammpeitziger 12"
Esmark/Brockmann // Bargmann 12"
Only Your Picture LP+12"
Musica Dell'Era Tecnologica LP
Endless Futures LP
Machito: From Montuno to Cubop 2LP
Back From The Brink 3LP
Song Of Innocence LP
Let Night Come On Bells End The Day LP+CD
Diggin' For Gold Volume 2 LP
Diggin' For Gold Volume 6 LP
Thinking Back LP + 7"
The Open Mind LP + 7"
Never Been In A Riot 7"
Where Were You? 7"
You're My Lady CD
A Voz, O Violao, A Musica De LP
The Friends Of Eddie Coyle OST LP