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Evergreen (25 Year Anniversary Edition) LP
Autumn Fair LP
Joker Smoker LP
Dance Hall Connection LP
Fireside Stories (Hebden Bridge circa 1971-1974) LP
Fireside Stories (Hebden Bridge circa 1971-1974) CD
Spirit of Love LP
Hit After Hit After Hit LP
Reggae Hits Vol. 1 LP
Good Things LP
Clocktower Classics Vol. 1 LP
Ital Movement LP
Imagining October: The Original Sondtrack To The Derek Jarman Film LP
Until The Day I Die CD
Until The Day I Die LP
Viajando Com O Som: The Lost '76 Vice-Versa Studio Session (Green Vinyl) LP
As Seen In Your Wildest Dream LP
The Palace of Infinite Darkness 5CD BOX
Live at the Schauburg Bremen 1987 CD
Live at the Longhorn -- April 1, 1978 2LP
Rocking with the Renees LP + 7"
I Am A Wallet 2LP +7"
The Wonderful World of Weed in Dub LP
Music Promenade/Unheimlich Schon LP
Nya Sverige - Nothing But The Truth CD/BK
Audiodrome CD/BK
The Clarity/Leagues Beneath 2LP
Reggae Anthology: Volcano Eruption 2LP