Indagine Su Un Delitto Perfetto


2011 release. Digitmovies release for the very first time on CD Carlo Savina's complete original soundtrack in full stereo for the movie Indagine Su Un Delitto Perfetto (Aka "The Perfect Crime") shot in 1978 by Giuseppe Rosati but credited with the pseudonym of Aaron Leviathan. The film distances itself from the tradition of several Argento-like giallo movies of the '70s; the movie recalls, both plot-wise and with regard to the typical London setting, the classic thriller novels by Agatha Christie. The death of a multinational company's chairman induces the three candidates for the chairmanship to plot the ones against the others. One of the three simulates a deadly car accident to carry out his perfect criminal plan by starting to physically eliminate the contending other ones. Together with his partner the murderer will succeed in eluding the police's suspicions. Although the movie had not few production problems, the result is more than very good and succeeds in keeping the interest in the plot strong, also thanks to the very good cast: Joseph Cotten, Leonard Mann, and Adolfo Celi play the three contending persons for the chairmanship, while they are surrounded by three female presences: Alida Valli, Janet Agren, and Gloria Guida. Moreover, the London setting, the care of the interiors and the total absence of all those elements "stolen" from the Argento movies and abused in the Italian giallo movies of the early '70s, give the movie a classic giallo touch, typically of British inspiration that recalls the early 70s giallo movies of European origin such as Delitto A Oxford (1970), 7 Cadaveri Per Scotland Yard (1971), etc. For the making of this CD, Digitmovies could use the stereo master tapes of the original session still preserved in the Savina estate. Carlo Savina has written a rhythmic main theme a mixture of jazz, progressive, and disco where the voice of Edda Dell'Orso is featured and reprised, with atonal variations, and in the "Finale". The OST is quite short, but very effective in describing the ambiguous side of the plot with a series of suggestive themes with abstract, macabre, and mysterious sounds alternated with "source" music with solo piano. A proper rescue and preservation on record as tribute to the music art of the great Carlo Savina.