Kid Il Monello Del West


2010 release. Digitmovies present, for the first time on CD, the complete and full stereo original soundtrack by Enrico Simonetti for the spaghetti western Kid Il Monello Del West (aka "Kid, Terror Of The West"). Directed in 1973 by Tony Good (Tonino Ricci), written by Roberto Amoroso, Mario Amendola, and Bruno Corbucci and starring as the little cowboy, Andrea Balestri with Carlo Carloni, Flavio Colombaioni, Maurizio Fiori, Barbara Fiorini, Mirko Ellis, Clara Park, Franco Ressel. The children of River City use to play games in Torqual, an abandoned mine city. Their chief is Kid, the wildest one of the group. One day the little cowboy, while staying behind the saloon counter, overhears the conversation of Espartad and Comanchero with the Captain and he adopts their idea to rob the River City Bank, but with the intention to return the loot. At the end Kid and his gang of wild children will succeed in defeating the evil Captain. Together with the other bandits they hand him over to the court of justice and donate the reward to Mackenzie who had to yield his estates to the usurper Wilson. A cast with little boys and girls is also featured in the musical "Piccoli gangsters" (aka "Bugsy Malone") directed in 1976 by Alan Parker. At the time of the movie's release Cinevox Record issued a 45rpm single with the two tracks "La Banda Del West" and "Black Jack". For the realization of this CD Digitmovies were able to use all the stereo mastertapes of the original sessions, which gave them the chance to release every note recorded for the movie. This OST is dominated by the main theme "La Banda Del West" which is the "Kid theme", a cheerful motif performed by Renata Cortiglioni's children's choir, which often gets reprised with Charleston tempo, in a saloon style with pianola, and with harpsichord. Enrico Simonetti has composed a secondary main theme called "Black Jack", an epic orchestral western theme as a tribute to the Elmer Bernstein style for The Magnificent Seven in multiple tracks and as background music for the adventures of the little cowboys. An OST which really deserved it to be rescued and preserved as a tribute to the musical art of Enrico Simonetti, an unforgettable showman and music man of so many extraordinary past seasons of the Italian television.