Oliver Koletzki Presents Stil vor Talent 100


With their 100th release, Stil Vor Talent looks back on lots of fantastic music -- music by artists who have become part of a close-knit family of friends. On this compilation of 22 exclusive, previously-unreleased tracks, Stil Vor Talent celebrates those who have made the label what it is today -- their core group of artists. Kellerkind and Murat Kilic provide two nu disco tracks that both re-contextualize classic strings and harmonies in a contemporary framework, with the former showcasing his trademark sound and a catchy vocal sample, while the latter pairs filter house elements with a soulful, sunny guitar. Björn Störig collaborates with all-rounder Meggy to create a piano-driven vocal house track with a classic feel. Equally classy and understated, Sascha Braemer shines on both of his contributions. While "Need Someone" featuring Stevo is laidback, subtle and utterly beautiful, Niconé & Sascha Braemer's "Wish U" will cause a stir on the dancefloor: bright synths, cheerful vocals, and a '90s rave piano. Speaking of the '90s, Animal Trainer's "Mental" has a comparably old-school vibe and will make for an epic set closer at the end of a long night. Similarly, the thunderstorm break of Oliver Koletzki's remake of Erich Lesovsky's "One Word" will leave you breathless. While HVOB and Jan Blomqvist both represent their signature styles -- melodic, driving, intelligent -- some of Stil Vor Talent's artists aim for a darker sound than usual. Dan Caster proves how versatile he is with "You and I," a bass-driven monster. Ryan Dupree targets the peak-time with menacing synths and acidic bass-lines, while Niko Schwind presents us with a sweaty beast. On top, Dapayk Solo and Aka Aka (feat. Thalstroem) and Channel X provide energetic tracks that reference house and techno in equal measures, while appearing futuristic and otherworldly. There are also some new faces: the Berlin-based duo of Marlon Hoffstadt & Hrrsn kick off the compilation with the positively poppy "Once Again," and Severin Borer, who relies on a contemporary, uplifting bounce and a naughty bit of sampling, while Katjuscha's vox works perfectly within Jakob Faber's clever arrangement on "How to Describe." Also included are Boy Next Door Oliver Schories, and Pete Oak (feat. Natalie Conway) as well as Jonas Mantey.