Electric Flat Land

SR 181CD SR 181CD

"Here is a selection of Belgian musicians that have in common a passion for creating electronic music in a truly and purely personal way. This doesn't mean that we are purely in some abstract landscape, the usual language and codes of music can be disobey without becoming an experimental mess. These musicians are building some new forms of communication. It seems like there are artists and musicians today who do not think like before. For many of them, it has to do with -- although none of it is calculated -- living a more enjoyable life, to be able to move freely, not asking for anything and not caring about what others think, leaving aside the knowledge of the past, expressing more than that through music, by giving birth to knowledge that they carry within them, naturally. That is the knowledge of folly. However, to remember the 'optimists' club' in order to practice and seek out that which does not come through words, confuse ethics and aesthetics with often bare, generous, and precise gestures. Not out of self-arrogance that is lost and that can never be found (the artist and not his parody, is singular, but still linked), not wait for orders that come from somewhere else, from something that does not exist anymore, and therefore meaningless to them. Here is, without a doubt, some of these people, here, close by." Artists include: Object, Géographique, J-Drik, Mash'ta, Köhn, Jardin D'usure, P'chu, Seal Phüric, Ultraphonist, Urawa, Todor Todoroff, Martiens Go Home, Kern, RM, The Joint Between, Frédéric Marbaix.