Brazilian Love Affair 4


2003 release. Far Out Recordings present volume four of Brazilian Love Affair, the world's leading Brazilian music series compiled by the UK's premier Brazilian DJ and aficionado Joe Davis. Joe talks about the record: "Brazilian Love Affair is a good synopsis of all the styles and current trends of Brazilian music and therefore Far Out Recordings's roster. On volume four you've got the classic, contemporary sounds of Brazil from Far Out Recording artists Marcos Valle ('Escape'), Joyce ('Todos Os Santos') and Azymuth ('Papa' and 'Rede De Espera') as well as the more electronic dance side that we release on 12 inches such as Democustico ('A Sereia'), 4 Hero Presents Natures Plan ('Without Words') and Osunlade's remix of Grupo Batuque. I think that Brazilian music makes excellent chill out music too because it's very melancholic - it has complex chord structures and harmonies bursting with soul and melody." Brazilian Love Affair 4 also includes forgotten gems unearthed by Joe on his last trip to Brazil and cuts from Patricia Marx, Max De Castro and Jairzinho Oliveira all signed to hot Brazilian urban label Trauma. Joe's "Brazilian love affair" began in the mid-80s. Whilst everyone around him was getting down to the sounds of acid jazz, Joe was immersed in Brazilian bossa novas, batucadas and sambas. As a young London DJ he introduced Brazilian music into London's burgeoning jazz dance scene - getting DJs such as Gilles Peterson and Jazzanova hooked on Brazilian music. Joe's tastes eventually out grew those of the record stores and he made his first trip to Brazil in 1986 when he was just 17. He progressed from being an avid collector to a record seller, traveling throughout Brazil and buying up peoples collections until he knew all the major players in Brazil's music scene. In 1992, Joe decided it was time to start making and releasing music too and set up Far Out Recordings. Ten years and 75 releases later, Far Out Recordings is one of the most influential labels in world music. Brazilian Love Affair 4 also features: Joao Parahyba, Orlann Divo, Paulo Moura, Ed Motta, Mamond and Vera Cruz.