4 Women No Cry Vol. 3


As regular listeners know, the simple but effective concept behind Monika enterprise's 4 Women No Cry series is to present, on one long player, four more or less unknown female musicians from four different countries, each with their own unique sound. Now the series is on its third volume, and it once again brings to light four of the world's freshest new musical talents. Compiled by Monika founder Gudrun Gut (Malaria!), 4 Women No Cry Vol. 3 takes in everything from pop and electronica to experimental sound collages. The release begins with Colombian musician Lucrecia's enchanting pop song "Answering Machine" which features Luke Sutherland (Long Fin Killie, Music AM) on violin. Lucrecia's tracks have been included on various Colombian electronic music compilations and her music perfectly epitomizes what 4 Women No Cry is all about. "Come To My Past" bears more than a passing resemblance to Masha Qrella's releases on Monika Enterprise, and she has the most direct pop style of all the artists on this edition, with a meticulous attention to detail in production. Athens, Greece's Manekinekod aka Eleni Adamopoulou is a classically-trained musician with a dark sound, using noise from the city and transforming it into rhythms and melodies. "Unable To Display" is a downbeat flowing instrumental piece and "Speedlight" also rolls along at a relatively slow tempo. Manekinekod's hushed vocal tones drift over contemplative piano and industrial samples. Los Angeles resident Julia Shammas Holter is a classically-trained keytarist from Echo Park. As well as having had numerous live sessions on Dublab, she has previously released on the Californian label Human Ear Music, which she co-runs. Her songs are written instinctively, and this spontaneity comes through on the orchestral pop number "Neighbor Neighbor," which is reminiscent of Broadcast. Arcane poetry and mystical saints adorn her music, and her singing voice is crystalline like sugar or jewelry. Brazilian artist Liz Christine is a true sound-artist who creates audio-sculptures to achieve atmospheres and acoustic textures. Her tracks are extremely filmic and she even lists the movies of Buñuel, Truffaut, Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo as a big influence on her ambient music, which manipulates voices and effects. This volume of 4 Women No Cry proves again that there can be unity in diversity of sound, and where music is concerned, this is perhaps the utmost virtue. This is a remarkable quartet of international artists, each with their own personal take on electronic music in the fast-changing modern musical landscape.