Heavenly Sweetness Label Compilation # 1

HS 028CD HS 028CD

Finally a CD compilation from the Parisian jazz outfit Heavenly Sweetness! The musical family that is Heavenly Sweetness is made up of both unjustly neglected artists and fresh talents who are at the beginning of their careers. At a time when music is dominated by technology, the label has decided for artistic reasons to return to the conditions in which music was recorded in the '60s, which means recording a track in a single take without any overdubs (or almost). This is not out of nostalgia but rather to preserve the intensity and authenticity of a track when it is played for the first time. The first take is synonymous with music that is rough, candid and honest, the flaws only adding to its emotional impact, but it offers complete freedom of expression to the musicians. This compilation is the opportunity to bring together tracks that have been released on various different media -- on vinyl, CD and digital, some of which are no longer in circulation. The label has used the same concept as their famous 45 rpm singles with one side containing jazz tracks from albums and singles by the label's artists (CD1) and the other with remixes and covers, for which the label has asked other artists to play new versions of tracks from their catalog (CD2). The two CDs are very different from each other, but they share a common spirit, a musical quality that will give you the same pleasure with which they were recorded. Package includes a fold-out poster of select album covers as well as extensive liner notes. Artists include:The Thunderbird Service, The John Betsch Society, The Rongetz Foundation, Byard Lancaster, Robert Aaron, Doug Hammond, Anne Wirz, Don Cherry & Latif Khan, Anthony Joseph & The Spasm, Abdul Rahim Ibrahim, Monnette Sudler, Sunil Dev, Professor Inlassable, Four Tet, Carlos Niño, Fulgeance, Kidkanevil, Chin Chin, Blackjoy, Patchworks, Blundetto, and Chickenwing All Stars.