Marvelous Sound Forms

TW 1045CD TW 1045CD

"When most labels clear their vaults, one is usually reminded of old Roger Corman horror movies. The detritus of the shambling dead stagger forth beneath an unfortunate sun, groping blindly for the unwary listener, as a cultured English narrator sepulchrally utters that there are 'things Humanity was not meant to know.' Here's ours. Marvelous Sound Forms is a collection of stray tracks from the TV elite, all once shelved for various reasons but now forming a special picture of that time we call the "early '90's" when bands like the Crystallized Movements, Magic Hour, and B.O.R.B. roamed the galaxy. The Crystallized Movements were Connecticut's long lived last hope. At the point at which these tracks were recorded, the Crystallized Movements were Wayne Rogers ('good evening' guitar), Kate Biggar ('piss off' guitar), Scott McLeod (whose holy bass playing shook Lucifer in the very Pit itself), and Teri Morris (fearless pounder of every inanimate object within reach). Marvelous Sound Forms features four crystallizations from their peak era. BORB is one of the label's eternally cryptic projects. Three extraterrestrial visitors periodically touch down in a field in southern Vermont where they are met by label staff. A zorbnoid-to-analog converter is hastily assembled, and the BORBans interstellar ramblings are downloaded to tape by these intrepid TV staff for Earthly distribution. Two tracks are here, one Blast Off-era track (originally considered 'too ridiculous' even by the band) and one meditative post-In Orbit excursion (once slated for a never finished fourth LP). Magic Hour melded the powerhouse guitar overload of Wayne Rogers and Kate Biggar with the melancholy flow and throb of bassist Naomi Yang and drummer Damon Krukowski. The results balanced acoustic poise with electric roar, psychedelic rush and funereal stateliness. A band that was truly dark, as opposed to just being poorly-lit. The tracks featured here include their last studio moment together-- an 'Untitled' improvisation from 12/95. A Wayne Rogers solo cut rounds out the set. We hope you enjoy this collection of juvenilia and dying breaths."