Opium Of The People


It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that Opium is currently the most talked about club North of Berlin. The Vilnius-based spot has built its reputation slowly but surely to become one of the brightest lights in the night sky of Europe. The club has earned the admiration of local crowd, loyalty of visiting artists and respect of industry insiders by nurturing unique local talent, bringing cutting edge house and techno acts on a weekly basis, building a devoted community and rocking the parties of the highest intensity and unprecedented intimacy. It's no wonder Boiler Room and Resident Advisor both came knocking on the door in 2017 for special features and events. 2018 marks another milestone in club's incredible journey: the first ever music compilation entitled Opium Of The People, a rock solid collection of nine unreleased tracks by core residents and the members of extended Opium family from all around the world featuring Tel Aviv's producer and song writer Autarkic, Australia-born-Europe-bound new age traveler Kris Baha, Canadian smooth operator Thomas Von Party, German-Mexican studio encounter of Sebastian Voigt and Theus Mago, Berlin-based Spanish fashionista Hugo Capablanca with La Mverte, Detroit legend Sharif Laffrey, and the Russian crate-digging trio of Leonid Lipelis, Sergey Krylow, and Ilya Simonov under the name of Plungerbird X Beard In Dust. Most of them are coming to Lithuanian capital's hot spot so often, they could easily start their own fan clubs in town. The local talent also gets a well-deserved attention. Manfredas and Siaubas find their place on the compilation and bring the modern sound of Vilnius nights to the vanguard. Opium Of The People has been conceived and compiled by Vidmantas "V" Cepkauskas, the head of programming and resident DJ of Opium, a well-known contributor to the electronic music scene for nearly two decades. He has reinvented a friends-to-friends after-hours place into an international music institution in a matter of six seasons and is the best candidate to curate and present Opium Of The People.