In Trux We Pux 04


In Trux We Pux is an editorial project organized by the Porto based label and collective Favela Discos. Focusing on the city's thriving experimental and improvised music scene, it sets out to portrait in a series of four volumes some of the characteristic sounds and collaborative practices that have been in development in Porto during the last few years. In Trux We Pux 04 is the last in a series of four records organized by Favela Discos, set out to shine a light on Porto's thriving experimental and improvised music scene. Throughout the collection the label tries to expose the eclectic sound and collaborative practices that have been in development in the last few years in the city by promoting the collaboration between artists and the creation of new collective improvisation pieces. As the first album dwelled into the electronic specter of the scene, this volume veers itself to the physical side of experimental and improvised explorations. Although there is space for outsiders manipulating the sound by electronic means, most of the music in this album is plucked, bowed, percussed or sung. The artists themselves are as varied as the music they played, among the 13 artists that collaborated for the creation of this album are many promising newcomers but also some of the more recognizable and relevant names in the scene, with the presence of the Sonoscopia founder Gustavo Costa, João Pais Filipe, one of the most characteristic drummers in Portugal, and the DIY duo and underground staple Calhau! As you could suspect, the diverse selection of musicians, while providing you a view on the various kinds of musical languages that populate the city's scene, also creates a dynamic collection of sounds. Spanning a large gamut of sub-sub-genres, from near-musique concrète to tribal noise, the album is a rollercoaster collage that miraculously achieves logic and cohesion, like a voyeur listener taking you on a journey through an abandoned mall where most of the bands in Porto rehearse, whose halls reverberate with a cacophony of music. Also features Diogo Jesus, David Machado & Nuno Pinto, Jorge Queijo & Tiago Ângelo, Dora Vieira & João Pais Filipe, Angélica, and Filipe Felizardo & Nuno O. Printed inner sleeve.