In Trux We Pux 02


In Trux We Pux is an editorial project organized by the Porto based label and collective Favela Discos. Focusing on the city's thriving experimental and improvised music scene, it sets out to portrait in a series of four volumes some of the characteristic sounds and collaborative practices that have been in development in Porto during the last few years. In Trux We Pux 02 contains the first of Favela Discos' collective pieces to be published, and it was chosen to represent a long series of site-specific pieces developed by the collective since its formation. Most of the time these pieces remain lost in time or in the label's archives. Desilusão Óptica is an audiovisual piece developed for the festival Serralves em Festa 2017 and was recorded between the concert and rehearsals. The piece is influenced by the book Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks, and tries to explore the notion of auditory hallucination, in this case based on the idea of a phantom sound unconnected to its object. Starting quietly with a single flute note, Desilusão Óptica slowly grows fuller but more uncomfortable as the pitch rises gradually in a hypnotic effect. The sound you hear is a mix of the sound produced live, its manipulation and repetition, thus the piece exists between the time when it happens, its immediate repetition and ghosts of past sounds. The flute, delayed and sampled, embodies both the sounds it produces and memories of past sounds, creating a confusion between objecto and sound. The sound is produced by an object but is at the same time separated from it, like in Mulholland Drive when you watch a singer emotionally dedicated to a performance and whose voice keeps on singing even when her body collapses. Like in dub music, the musicians are divided into two groups: those who play, in this case divided by winds, percussion and electric guitars, and the dub master/sound manipulators who launch samples of previous recordings and manipulate the sound that is produced live, through loopers and delay pedals. Printed inner sleeve.