1-2 Weeks
Alfredo, Alfredo


2014 release. Digitmovies release Carlo Rustichelli's complete original soundtrack for the film Alfredo, Alfredo. After already exploring the musical side of the films by Pietro Germi and the complete OSTs by Carlo Rustichelli for the films Seduced And Abandoned ("Sedotta E Abbandonata"), Divorce Italian Style ("Divorzio All'Italiana), and The Birds, The Bees, And The Italians ("Signore E Signori"), it is now Alfredo, Alfredo's turn. At the time, CAM had released an LP in Italy and in Japan with 20 tracks. Then in 1993 it was released for the first time on CD with extra tracks, but with the sound filtered in Dolby Surround. For Digitmovies' CD, the label used the stereo master tapes from the original album (without Dolby) and they discovered around 21 extra minutes of material. Directed in 1972 by Pietro Germi, Alfredo, Alfredo starred Dustin Hoffman, Stefania Sandrelli, Carla Gravina, Saro Urzì, Duilio Del Prete, Enzo Cannavale. Alfredo (Hoffman) works in a bank and is in love with a pharmacist named Mariarosa (Sandrelli). With the help of a friend (Del Prete), he is able to start a relationship with Mariarosa and eventually marry her. But Mariarosa's tendency to be possessive reaches extremes and causes Alfredo to lose his friend, his father, and his independence. When she becomes pregnant, she sends Alfredo to sleep in the basement, but at least in this way he's able to get back his freedom. During one of his nightly wanderings outside, Alfredo meets Carolina (Gravina), a nice girl who is willing to love him without any constraints. She becomes his lover and he runs to her when he finds out Mariarosa's pregnancy was only the result of her hysteria. The idea of returning to his previous hell throws him into despair. He becomes a supporter of legalizing divorce and when this happens, his marriage is legally dissolved. Now that he is free again, Carolina puts pressure on him to marry her. Once again Alfredo finds himself tangled up in matrimonial ties. The entire film is told using flashbacks to a courtroom. The film won the David di Donatello prize in 1973 for best film.