Gli Schiavi Piu' Forti Del Mondo


Digitmovies release Francesco De Masi's complete original soundtrack for the Peplum film Gli Schiavi Più' Forti Del Mondo ("Seven Slaves Against Rome"). Francesco De Masi composed and conducted a symphonic OST with heroic tones ("Marcia Degli Schiavi" - "March Of The Slaves") alternating with robust action music ("La Battaglia Notturna" - "Night Battle") and a sweet love theme ("Il Sogno Di Claudia" - "Claudia's Dream") along with cheerful and comical passages ("Nanetto Al Mercato" - "The Dwarf At The Market"). C.A.M. originally released an LP with 26 tracks. In 1987, the same material was later rereleased on vinyl via Phoenix. The first appearance on CD was in 1992 in the C.A.M. Soundtrack Encyclopedia series paired with selections from the OST of the movie Revenge Of Spartacus. For Digitmoives' CD, the label used the master tape that half a century ago was assembled for the release of the LP and they've added new previously unreleased material, including a rare stereo mix which has been properly restored and remastered. Directed in 1965 by Michele Lupo. Under the reign of Nero, the tribune Marco is sent to a distant African province as punishment. There he has some disputes with the cruel and corrupt centurion Gaius on how to treat the slaves used in the construction of an aqueduct. Gaius incites a revolt and blames Marco for the it in front of the prosecutor of Rome. Meanwhile an injured Marco is rescued by Balister, a slave who owes him his life. Along with five other strong runaway slaves, Marco reaches the city of Aristea. He presents himself to the prosecutor in order to clear his name, but is arrested because of Gaius's false testimony. He manages to escape from the prosecuter's soldiers and goes back to Balister thinking about how to get revenge. In order to obtain the money needed for a final escape, the runaway slaves perform as gladiators in the circus and achieve fame as being invincible. Marco manages to convince them not to take part in a conspiracy against the Romans concocted by the natives and which a greedy Gaius is part of. With his life at risk, the untrustworthy centurion Gaius confesses his sins in front of the prosecutor. Marco then kills him after a dramatic duel. After he is reinstated, Marco marries Claudia and frees Balister and his companions, who helped him to quell the rising rebellion.