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This Is Techno Jazz Vol. I


This Is Techno Jazz Vol. 1 is a genre defining collection of music from artists coming from the jazz and techno scenes like Distant Echoes, TUN, Tensal, Mattia Prete, VSK, Fabrizio Rat, Gianluca Petrella, Flat Maze, Luigi Ranghino, Wrong Assessment, Irakli, Key Clef, and more. Together, these contemporary innovators perfectly define the label's vision for jazz and techno fusions. Dystopian label associate and Out-er co-owner Distant Echoes opens up with "Faction 200" featuring Gianni Denitto on sax. It is a cosmic adventure with freeform sax lines driving above rippling synths and broken beats. Milan based Wrong Assessment's deeply hypnotic sounds here feature the experimental jazz quartet Gamapawa, with swirling pads drifting about to make a mysterious atmosphere as distant trumpets bleed in-and-out of the mix and walking bass recalls the atmosphere of '70s jazz fusion. Heavy and industrial sound designer and audio engineer VSK then remixes the Torino Unlimited Noise Trio's "Jason" into a loopy, glitchy, unresolved bit of deep techno with thoughtful jazz chords and plenty of dubby bass weight. Tensal is with "Devourer of Senses", a straight-ahead slice of linear techno that is powerful but also intriguing thanks to the off-grid keys, increasingly intense synths and dark sax motifs. Lecce's techno dreamer and forward-thinking DJ, promoter, and producer Mattia Prete offers "Burning Man" featuring Israeli pianist Uri Gincel and Berlin based experimental guitar player Daniel Calvi. It's a cavernous and absorbing track with freeform jazz drums and heavy drones. Dreamy and abstract techno man Chevel can make all forms of techno, and here remixes Antares Mates's "Movimento 2" into an experimental track with bright synths, sharp sax phrases. and melodic rain over a jittery beat. Producer and piano player Fabrizio Rat and brilliant trombone player Gianluca Petrella are another accomplished Italian pair and their "Turn" is an elastic deep techno track. Irakli and Daniel Calvi's contribution is a dark and menacing piece with sci-fi synths that make for a turbulent intergalactic soundtrack, and "Petardo Boy" by producer Stefano Mori and pianist Uri Gincel aka Flat Maze is a tender and intimate techno cut with gentle keys and a sense of playfulness in the wonky chords. Synth magician Key Clef and piano legend Luigi Ranghino are label regulars who close things out with "Piano Movimento 1", which layers up intricate phrases of jazz piano, evolving echoes of drum machines and surging bass. It's poetic, intense, and thrilling.