3-4 Weeks
Erotiques New Beat


The unforgettable soundtrack of a lost erotic new beat VHS from 1989. The year is 1989 and it's the peak of the new beat craze that swept Europe and the world with Belgium at its epicenter. Not limited to records and clubs, the new beat lifestyle was marketed to death with all sorts of fashion items, a plethora of accessories and... erotic videos. Erotica, sensuality, and sexuality have always been part of new beat's DNA, but Musique Pour La Danse's jaw dropped to the floor when the label first laid eyes upon an erotic new beat VHS deadstock gathering dust in a forgotten video store in the middle of nowhere in Switzerland. So the label did what every new beat fan would have done, they watched the video and cringed (at its low budget production values and tacky male gaze) while they were transported to 1989 Belgium, with the bodies, poses, styles, and backdrops you'd expect from that bygone era. Their ears, however, were in for a treat. The video's OST uses almost the very same track list as one of the countless new beat compilations marketed as LPs: King of the Beat, instantly recognizable among many for its yellow front cover featuring a stamp with King Baudoin's profile. That record was actually a fake compilation seemingly gathering several artists but in fact entirely composed by the same trio. It offers a lovely snapshot of various moods and styles found within the new beat genre: downright erotic tracks, proto-Goa numbers, orientalist takes on exotic sounds, tracks driven by iconic film samples, and tracks built around silly samples, such as an elephant's trumpet. And then some. That's when Musique Pour La Danse decided to reissue this compilation. While many new beat tracks have been played and compiled to death, there are still brilliant records to rescue from oblivion, and this is one of them. Remastered from original tapes in 2020 with liner notes by Geert "Dr Vinyl" Sermon. The utterly tacky front cover is a detail from the VHS original artwork. Features Iconoclass, Corruption House, Axidan, Ugly Mood, Corruption House, and Acid Aliens. Neon pink vinyl.