Born and raised under the sun of Provence, Arno E. Mathieu spent most of his time riding his grandfather's old motorcycle in the hills, listening to the most psychedelic Doors songs, and eating his grandmother's traditional eggplant and tomato Mediterranean dishes. He starts a new project called Contemplation, totally dedicated to his lifestyle and to the landscapes and environment that make it possible. A tribute to the "sublime" of nature and the moments that creates. Surrounded by his parent's jazz records, young Arno watch classic sci-fi movies like Blade Runner or Star Wars, and the Italian western, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, getting lot of influences from Vangelis or Morricone soundtracks, and developing a special taste for epic music and stories, and romantic characters. Around 17 years old, Arno gets a real interest for electronic music through his elder brother's mixtapes of Laurent Garnier, Saint-Germain's house music, then Nuyorican Soul album and Masters At Work club tunes. He buys two turntables and vinyl, and quickly organizes his first parties and club events with his brother. In 2000, straight out from his daily MPC sessions, Arno E. Mathieu releases his track "Call It Jungle Jazz" as Matt'Samo, for a Yellow Production project called Africanism. He then moved to the French capital where he spent lot of time exploring club scene and witnessing studio sessions of his new friend DJ Gregory, who introduces him to Parisian house music leaders like, Julien Jabre, Next Evidence, and DJ Deep. In 2005, Arno E. Mathieu creates his own Clima Records label. Since his first release on Clima, Arno's music finds supports from many leaders of the underground scene such as François K, DJ Harvey, Jeff Mills, Dixon, or Laurent Garnier, and are getting a special attention from Joe Claussell. Arno E. Mathieu has also produced tracks and remixes for labels such as Deeply Rooted, Real Tone, Yoruba, Tribe, Compost, and has released a first album in 2018 called Circumstances Of Chaos, also appreciated by the underground scene. After many years going back and forth between Paris and his beloved Provence, Arno has finally got back home in the south, and made a last move for a real Mediterranean lifestyle, cooking fig jam, growing tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplants, and finds the right balance for his creative process.