Heavy Heavy Monster Dub

EB 049CD EB 049CD

"Out of Vienna -- Dubblestandart is working since the early 90's for Dub Music as their musical direction -- combining mid-European inspirations with their love for reggae music. We've been in the studio together with Mikey Dread, Sly & Robbie, Dillinger a. o. to work on tracks that should redefine the meaning of dub. Listen to hybrid dub versions with musicians from the international dub community, showing the dub planet is a growing culture. Dub music today appears to be attractive to the alternative-minded, to people continually curious about the other side of the story, the side that isn't told by world leaders, omnipresent and terrorizing news media and big industry. Tracks like 'Terrorists & Inhalers' (feat. Keith Le Blanc), 'Evil Empire' or 'Watch The Future' (feat. Camel) have been inspired by a critical mind. We don't consider our music being just easy listening stuff, more than that our sound shall give an impression about the real power of dub, healing the western world mind fuck with music. Because this is our job and dub reggae music is our roots. (listen to Mikey Dreads/Mad Professors version of 'Dub Is The Roots!') Rhythm tracks for 'Heavy Heavy Monster Dub' and 'Preemptive Dub' were laid down by Sly & Robbie. Our partner Devon D supervised the Jamaican part of the production. When the tapes were returned to Vienna, we finished the songs at Go East Studio, providing the original Dubblestandart sound, inspired by Europe's melting vibes. By then Dreadzone and Manasseh remixed these tracks. Seven Dub from Paris also added a wonderful 'Preemptive Dub' version. Real urban dub has been contributed by Sounds From The Ground from London, who worked on 'Evil Empire' and '10 Tons Of Dope'. This is big city dub style, deeper than deep. Long time was spent traveling and preparing this record. In New York, London, Paris and Kingston people were met and we took in their feelings about life and love, their ways of looking at the changing music scene and last but not least their concern about the future of this planet. (Where will the so-called leaders lead us to?)We now present you with the culmination of this journey: 15 smooth dub tracks, that shall make u feel good and positive about life."