In Dub

EB 098CD EB 098CD

The voyage continues with Austrian dub band Dubblestandart's In Dub, a collaboration with the best and top remixers on the scene, including Adrian Sherwood from London himself -- mastermind behind the finest in dub and the legendary On-U Sound, as well as Rob Smith from Bristol (also known as dubstep producer RSD, he was also part of the legendary Smith & Mighty team). A very unique and surprising session is coming out of Vienna by Paul Zasky and Robbie Ost, the main active protagonists of Dubblestandart. Their responsibility for half of the dub session is amazing and a labor of love with greetings from the King Tubby empire. The album also features bits and pieces from outstanding and very creative artists such as Jazzmine Tutum (Jam-Zion Train), Marcia Griffiths (Jamaica), Amanda Bauman (USA), Saria Idana (USA), Lee "Scratch" Perry, David Lynch, Hoda Mohajerani (UK/Iran) Saria Idana (US), and others. Since 1990, Dubblestandart has released 13 full-length albums, several 12 and 7" EPs, and has featured on more than 70 compilations. Their collaborating artists list includes Lee Perry, Ari Up, David Lynch, Ken Boothe, Adrian Sherwood, Sly & Robbie, Dillinger, Anthony B., Elephant Man, William S. Burroughs, Mad Prof., and many others. Performing shows all over Euroland as well as Canada and the U.S. saw them even perform live in Central Park NYC with Lee Perry and Ari Up during the legendary Summer Stage concerts in 2009.Their productions with NYC's Subatomic Sound System labels are known as an inspirational basis for cutting edge and progressive bass music. Since 2011, Paul Zasky, Emch (Subatomic Sound System) and Larry McDonald (The Skatalites) have been Lee "Scratch" Perry's exclusive backing band for all U.S. dates, playing more than 30 shows across the country including the legendary Coachella Festival in Nevada in 2013. "We did not invent dub. It was brought to life by the great dub pioneers of Jamaica way back in the late 1960s.Therefore we shall produce with the deepest respect for its true originators. What you hear are our versions, filtering current vibes and atmospheres of a planet on the edge. From the heart of Europe. Dub knows no color, no race, no religion. It won't support any political system or ideology."