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Bezbog is a duo formed in 2013 by David Machado and Dora Vieira. Since their first release in 2014, the self-titled Bezbog EP, they have been exploring both acoustic and electronic instruments to create music that lives somewhere in between genres, styles, doctrines, and musical cultures. Alongside many underground venues throughout Portugal and Spain, they have shown their work in festivals such as No Noise, Milhões de Festa, Out.Fest, and TESLA at the Castile, and León Museum of Contemporary Art, and other places such as the Serralves Museum in Porto and MK Gallery in the UK. Their latest long player takes its name from the solar deity of the Slavic pantheon, Dazhbog -- the god that gives, and its idea flows into the concept of this record, through the themes of life, light and darkness, birth and rebirth, and the idea of the omnipresent cycle. You can find cycles in nature, music, and life itself can be thought of as a cycle, from the micro to the macro scale. As they seek to embed their music with these ideas, in a way, their music becomes new sacred music, the music of modern pagan rituals. While Bezbog's music seeks to replicate the meaning of what that music was, an escape from the profane and a connection to the sacred plane, in form it reconstructs it in light of the duo's influences, from the obvious Portuguese and pagan folklore, chamber and sacred music, to the darkness of doom and heavy metal, the structured improvisations of North American jazz, and psycho-acoustic hallucinations and the hash transients of electronic music. Dazhbog, while a passenger of the same train of thought as their previous studio work, comes in a different direction from it. Chernobog consists of two short and heavy tracks, painstakingly crafted during several months, while their latest studio effort is a long suite of eight tracks, composed and recorded live throughout 2020, that form a light and bright record where the duo embedded most of their influences.