#468 February 2023

WIRE 468 WIRE 468

"On the Cover, Meredith Monk: Over the last 60 years the New York composer, vocalist, film maker and choreographer has redefined the boundaries of live performance and vocal experimentation with her ambitious compositions and happenings. She talks to Emily Bick about a box set of her ECM recordings released to mark her 80th birthday, and her science fiction-influenced new touring program Memory Game. Inside the issue... Ocen James: The Kampala based acholi fiddle player has made waves in experimental dance music as part of the Nyege Nyege collective and now with a new record Saccades with UK electronic music producer Rian Treanor; Barbara Dane: The venerable US folk musician and activist has been trying to smash the capitalist system for more than half a century. She talks to Emily Pothast about her new book This Bell Still Rings: My Life Of Defiance And Song; Invisible Jukebox: aya The London based club music producer and Hyperdub label artist takes our mystery music test. Global Ear: The Kansai region of Japan has become home to a new wave of DJ experimentalists crafting new templates of hyperpop and queer club sounds. By Miranda Remington; Unlimited Editions: The Croatian label Fox & His Friends explores the Yugoslav history of the region rediscovering lost electronic and soundtrack pioneers. By Antonio Poscic; Unofficial Channels: The Bristol Germ; Epiphanies: The Raincoats' Gina Birch is empowered by a live encounter with The Slit; Plus full, page interviews with Mark Jenkin, Territorial Gobbing, Jacqueline Nova and Zaliva-D."