#436 June 2020

WIRE 436 WIRE 436

"Superproducer Alejandra Ghersi uses the dream space of electronic music to warp voices, explore the body and stretch the fabric of time. After new record @@@@ and collaborations with Björk, SOPHIE and many more, she talks to Steph Kretowicz about her transgressive engagement with sound; The Williamsburg Pioneers: Val Wilmer revisits the breakout days of Brooklyn's free jazz scene and the group centered around the late drummer Rashied Ali, as his legendary Survival Records label is reactivated; Invisible Jukebox, AGF meets Vladislav Delay: For the first time in The Wire's history, our longrunning Invisible Jukebox feature takes place between two musicians, as AGF and Vladislav Delay take turns to play each other tracks with the other asked to guess and comment on what they're hearing; Greg Fox: Brooklyn's avant drummer for hire was the pulse behind Liturgy, Guardian Alien, Zs and more before channelling meditative vibrations in his solo work including new album Contact; Global Ear special: As Covid-19 continues to put music on lockdown, another cross-section of artists, organisers, educators and creatives around the world tell us what's happening where they are and where we might go from here; Epiphanies, Sonic Boom: Ex-Spaceman Pete Kember reflects on his psychedelic/intellectual journey through music, science and ecology as he releases a long-awaited new album; Unlimited Editions: Josh Feola tells the story of Indonesian free download label Yes No Wave and its legendary founder Wok The Rock; Unofficial Channels, The Leaf Explorers, Inner Sleeve; Plus interviews with DJ Marcelle/Another Nice Mess, Robert Ridley Shackleton, and sound artists Simon Kirby, Tommy Perman and Rob St John of the Concrete Antenna project."