#465 November 2022

WIRE 465 WIRE 465

"The Wire Tapper 60 CD: Every copy of the November issue will come with a free CD of the latest album in our series of underground music anthologies attached to the cover. This edition of The Wire Tapper features a cover designed by Patrick Savile and contains 16 new tracks by Lucrecia Dalt, Lady Aicha & Pisco Crane, Reiko and Tori Kudo, Balka Sound, Oiseaux-TempĂȘte, Dave Clarkson and more; Tyshawn Sorey: The US composer, multi-instrumentalist and educator has redrawn the boundaries of radical music through his ambitious experiments in sound composition across longform albums and adventurous new ensemble commissions. He talks to Stewart Smith about his new trio album Mesmerism and collaborations with Afrofuturist producer. Inside the issue... Joyce: The Brazilian musical prodigy, a favorite of Antonio Carlos Jobim, enjoyed a stellar 1970s before her career was diverted by domestic political struggles and the disco era. As her 1977 New York album Natureza finally sees the light of day, she talks to Joshua Minsoo Kim; Horse Lords: Baltimore's rock trio put the 'tune' into 'tuning' through their mantric rock minimalism which collides Just Intonation harmonic systems and the energy of West African guitars. By Dan Wilson; Devin Townsend: The rogue operator of avant rock has forged a unique career as both first choice collaborator for metal groups and lone psychonaut exploring the outer corners of the guitar. He talks to Joseph Stannard about his new twin release Lightwork/Nightwork. Invisible Jukebox: Radical punx and founders of London's Decolonize festival. Big Joanie take The Wire's mystery record test; Global Ear: Memories of a coastal town destroyed in 2011 by the Japanese tsunami live on through field recordings and songs in the hands of one of its former residents; One-page interviews with Backxwash, Andrew Poppy, Xhosa Cole and Camille Emaille. Unlimited Editions, Unofficial Channels, The Inner Sleeve, and Epiphanies."