#447 May 2021

WIRE 447 WIRE 447

"People Like Us: People Like Us Vicki Bennett's plunderphonic experiments with sampling over the last three decades reclaimed and revitalised the forgotten detritus of 20th century music and have paved the way for an explosion of postmodern sound collage in the online era. She talks to Abi Bliss about her immersive new spatial audiovisual extravaganza Gone, Gone Beyond which is set to tour the UK this year. Joe Chambers: Venerated by Blue Note legends such as Wayne Shorter, Bobby Hutcherson and Freddie Hubbard, percussionist and composer Joe Chambers has been the secret ingredient in some of the most adventurous jazz of the modern era. As he releases a brand new album, he talks with Dan Spicer about how he keeps pace with modern music. Embassador Dulgoon: This shapeshifting Chilean ensemble are forging a new version of ambient exotica through their globetrotting sonic fictions and collaborations with Grant Corum, Siet Rae, Tomás Dittborn and Spencer Clark of The Skaters, alongside ambitious projects to open a brand new creative space in the idyllic countryside in Caburgua. Invisible Jukebox: Sarah Gail Brand x Mark Sanders The UK improv double act of trombonist Sarah Gail Brand and drummer Mark Sanders submit to The Wire's mystery record test. Global Ear: In Central Slovakia's Liptov region a new compilation turns folk song away from essentialist and nationalist narratives and towards queer new ends. Unlimited Editions: Our Size Matters columnist Byron Coley digs through the record and book archives of Chicago punk and rock 'n' roll chroniclers Hozac. Unofficial Channels: Gareth Lindsay gives thanks and praise for YouTube sound system historian Rooftop Defoe aka The Librarian Of Dub. Plus interviews with Alpha Maid, Sunareht, Joná? Gruska and Charmaine Lee."