Romantic Thrills


Stil vor Talent have long been mad about Niconé and Sascha Braemer. Now it's about time they join forces to release a whole album together. While Sascha Braemer has only recently made waves, Niconé is a long-established pillar of top-class electronic music. Known for their often very musical techno and house productions, Romantic Thrills encapsulates this style while adding an extra element of sex and pop appeal. All their production experience and DJ expertise seems to have streamed into an album that manages, in all its eclecticism, to be conceived as a complete whole. Think what you want from electronic albums -- this one is so much more than a mere collection of unreleased singles. The slow-moving, piano-driven "Dreamer" is more reminiscent of Radiohead than the sound of Berlin's club scene. Simply a pretty epic pop track with a great falsetto vocal line. "Little Love" progresses slowly towards deeper techno terrain with great-sounding synth leads and bass lines. Keeping the vocal elements central to the arrangement, it makes for a wonderfully deep and soulful tech anthem. "Liar" best represents the eclecticism at the album's heart. Over a Skaaeske groove, a chunky bass and considerably slower BPM, a male speaker humorously ponders his relationship to drugs. "Romantic Thrills" then moves things back to the dancefloor, with an infusing tech-house groove, piano stabs and deeply hypnotic vocals. "Runaway," "Pianotic" and "Caje" represent three more prime examples of how to incorporate piano, trumpet and guitar melodies into electronic music organically without sounding artificial. The guitar on "Runaway" adds a deeply melancholic element to a track underlined by wonderful singing, which, again, reminds one of Radiohead. The melodies on "Pianotic," meanwhile, make you want to hug the world again and again. "Caje" takes the Spanish guitar to the dancefloor and makes everyone sit in a circle and clap their hands. Things take yet another turn to more oldskool-oriented dancefloor music with "Never." Sascha and Niconé have managed to recreate a late disco track that meets up with Chicago house along the way. A thick bass line, some wonderful strings and a great melodic vocal make this track special. "Love Me" is one of the most sexy tech tracks on this album. The billowing synth pads and mesmerizing vocal lead the way for the organic and super-deep bass line that kicks in at the right moment, every time. "Not The End" is a powerful little piece of tech-house that works with many delicately arranged samples. Ultimately, "Thänk You" is another humorous and epic spoken-word piece, with a siren marking the groove and the piano melody causing shivers down the spine of the listener. Sascha Braemer and Niconé have clearly managed to create an album with distinct and versatile stylistic aesthetics. This album is all killer, no filler. Featuring contributions from Jan Blomqvist, Narra and Wrongkong.