Good Morning Midnight


For his second album, Niko Schwind has produced ten tracks of house music that follow a musical journey from a pop-infused intro to musical dancefloor anthems. Good Morning Midnight starts out with the vocal house track "Good Morning" that features singer Fran. This collaborative track is a slow-paced house groover with Fran's whispered vocals acting as the perfect starting place for this album. The use of the piano seems central to Niko's productions in this track and it remains a central element on the album. "Shine" is a track that slowly pulsates through a very prolific oldschool bassline, featuring some great vocal samples and, yes, a wonderful harmonic piano melody. Things get a little more technological on "Playground Love," which features the typical "Schwind"-groove that is comprised of some punchy beats and vocal samples on the loop. Then, "People" kicks things off in a deeper direction. The deep and slow-paced synthesizer melody juxtaposes the quite hectic nature of the loop and the bassline on this track. The result is a beautifully deep hit that seems perfect for the start of the peak-time. Aiming for the peak-time itself is the track "Midnight" that is best described as percussive tech-house that features some pretty wasted vocals, stomping bass sounds and pizzicato strings. For the second part of the album, Niko got together with some of his closest production partners. First up are two tracks with his label buddies from Channel X with whom he has produced two melodic tech-house tracks. "Back From The Bar" sounds like the title suggests: a little wobbly, a little drunk, a little crazy, but also pretty magical. "Don't Turn The Lights On" is a more straightforward dancefloor track with the trumpet playing the main part in this. "Wake Up" featuring Staller is another percussive and very funky tech-house affair with some real vintage organs and vocal samples. Things stay very funky on the track that Niko did together with Oliver Koletzki. "Master Of Ceremony" is a chopped-up house track with epic dimensions. When things get to the piano breakdown, they get very musical and colossal before dropping back into a great house track. Last up is "Coming Home," a very slow-moving ambient track that features Patrick Blasa. This almost jazzy and leftfield song with some great vocals perfectly closes the circle of the album that started slow and ends in a similar way. Niko Schwind is a magician when it comes to producing very fine and mature pieces of house music that are sure to work great on the dancefloor.