The Unfinished

SR 103CD SR 103CD

"Locust is one of the many shades of Mark Van Hoen. Locust are difficult to describe in that no one description can adequately cover the intensity and complexity of their craft. Theirs is a deep, moving and mysterious work which ranges from abstract electronica, intelligent yet sensual techno grooves, and sparse minimalistic experimentations: all of which can be admired on several critically acclaimed (and classic) releases as Locust on R&S, as well as his other collaborations as Scala (Touch) and Aurobindo (Ash). While artists such as Oval, Seefeel, and Mouse on Mars continue to gain popularity, it should be very evident that Mark Van Hoen is at the forefront of this new school of innovative sound pioneers. Lilith, the captivating magic and alluring beauty of Scott Gibbons' very unique blend of musique concrete, supernatural ritualistic recordings and meditative cadences were prepared live on this very special occasion for a broadcast over the airwaves. Mick Harris dark ambient soundscapes of the inner psyche are further explored from the depths of dense dub dementia with biting noise terrorism. On this sinister, hypnotic rhythmic excursion, Mick Harris (Napalm Death, Scorn, Lull, Painkiller) shows us a reflection of himself, complete with shattered illusions. David Toop is familiar from his earliest outings with General Strike to his contributions to Prince Far I (and other On-U Sound outings) and more recently his collaborations with artists such as Scanner. David has been a innovative pioneer on the revolutionary fringes of sounds; both cutting edge and timeless cultures. As extraordinary as his diverse and prolific background may be as musician, performer and composer, his talents as a writer, historian and music critic (e.g. his recent Ocean of Sound book) are of equal significance. A truly profound and rare artist who has created very accomplished and provocative work in seemingly opposing fields."