The Ancient World


2007 release. Digitmovies continues to explore the universe of the great Italian TV cult films of the '70s by issuing, for the first time on CD, Anna Karin Klockar's complete original soundtrack, in full stereo, for the TV mini-series Ancient World in four episodes, broadcasted with huge success from the November 23rd till December 14th 1975, "The Bitter Case of the Baroness of Carini" directed by Daniele D'Anza and starring Ugo Pagliai, Janet Agren, Paolo Stoppa, and Adolfo Celi. Sicily 1812: the first liberal constitution shall put an end to the privileges of the feudal lords. Luca Corbara (Pagliai) is sent there by the Minister of Finance to control the landed properties. Following, the ballad heard from a storyteller, he begins to suspect that the current Carini feud is made up of lands usurped more than two centuries before by the lover of the killed Baroness. Don Mariano d'Agro (Celsi), the Baron of Carini, is hampering him and tries to get rid of Luca Corbara by accusing him of the murder of the storyteller Nele Carnazza. Through the intervention of the mysterious sect of the Beati Paoli, who want to avenge the wrongs committed by the Baron, and the help of Laura, the wife of Don Mariano (Agren), he is kept from being accused. Romolo Grano (Il Segno Del Comando, Ho Incontrato Un'Ombra, L'Uomo Del Tesoro Di Priamo, Madame Bovary, Arcana) has written a fascinating orchestral score based on the Ballata Di Carini (text by Anonymous) performed by Luigi Proietti in "Titoli Di Testa" and reprised in the finale which with the romantic pop ballad "Tema D'amore" performed by Schola Cantorum appeared on the original single. These two compositions with different variations are alternated with "Magia Di Carini", a sweet and magical motif for orchestra with the crystal voice of Edda Dell'Orso. As a bonus track Digitmovies included the karaoke version of the main theme. For this CD the master tapes in stereo of the original recording session have been used.