If This Is House I Want My Money Back 2


Since there weren't any refund demands after the first issue of the compilation If This Is House I Want My Money Back, Permanent Vacation's Tom Bioly and Benji Fröhlich dared to compile a second volume almost two years after the first one. Two years, during which the continuing resurrection of house music, and all its children reached its temporary peak. From the East Coast of the U.S and the shores of the Spree to the heart of Spain and Eastern Germany, a bubbling, hypnotic and often moderate-tempo variation of house is bursting onto the dancefloors. The concept of the compilation is very simple: Benji Fröhlich and Tom Bioly asked their favorite producers if they could contribute with an exclusive track on the compilation. All of these artists seem to work from very different angles at first glance. But they are all unified through a certain down-to-earth and back-to-the roots vision of house music that is more inspired by the time when disc jockeys cut the rhythm sections of the records one after another to create a steamy and sweaty atmosphere through the whole night, rather than the streamlined excrescence of house music that got popular in the era of the super clubs. Luckily, almost everyone was up for it and found the time to come up with a new track. And there are even two new pairings of artists: Soul Clap and Trickski teamed up for a slow house bomb. The other couple is Jacob Korn together with Cuthead. Together, they morphed into the double-headed mythical creature Kornhead, who can kill you with a single groove. Also, two brothers from different mothers John Talabot and Pional, both individually resurrect the faith in new house music that doesn't sound like clones of the old masters. Furthermore, Beautiful Swimmers make their first release outside of their Future Times homebase and Slow Hands expresses his feelings with "Kreuzberg Blues." Which leads us directly to the big Berlin resident crew consisting of Hunee, Mano Le Tough and Session Victim . Next, Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt bewitch us with "Roamer." This time, Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly also seized the chance to participate in the compilation with their own project Permanent Vacation and an edit for the epic "Sightless Brightness" by the ever-innovative Contra Communem Opinionem.