From The Deep


"Courageously and in full economical crisis (as well as record company crisis), Paradigma Musik dares to launch its first reference in CD format. From The Deep is the name of our catalog's tenth reference, a curious project created by one of our most loved artists: Marc Marzenit. The conceptual idea of this CD belongs to him showing us the hidden side of many of the usual names of our albums and of the coming ones. Moreover, we are linked to them by a big artistic affinity and by a big friendship. Marc himself explains us the meaning of this project. 'In the current society of instant music consumerism, where today is history and tomorrow is present, where sales drop and piracy grows, where marketing is more important than quality, where apparently the world is crazy and worried, where any release seems to be a suicide act without future, Paradigma Musik wants to give a ray of hope to all those artists who we believe deserve a place in this sector. No matter the names but the quality, we want to build a big family: we are all Paradigma Musik. Big hearts and honest intentions.' His words are wise, beyond any doubt. Music helps us to escape from reality, it takes out the best of ourselves and helps us to drift apart the worst of our daily life, what we don't like. Sistema, Henry Saiz, bRUNA, or Marc Marzenit himself, both under these names and with their innovative project Suite On Clouds, share prominence with new values of the Spanish and Catalan electronic music, like Adyo, Sendo or the most known Ángel Galán. In the booklet, each one explains to us the meaning of each track, the reason why it should be compiled here. Did we make it clear? By the way, we warn you that many of the tracks contained here can't be danced to, well, better said, not with the feet but with the mind. 'If it can't be danced, it doesn't interest' think many people -- so they're actually wrong!"