Monika Force


"Music is an art. Music may well be the oldest form of human socialization and interaction. Music can change people, express visions and maintain one's mind. The music of Monika can do all three. Monika was founded in 1997 by art-punk giantess Gudrun Gut [Mania D and the 80s female damaged-punk band Malaria!, Matador and still Ocean Club] to cultivate a smooth but subversive collective of lyricists, instrumentalists and programmers. These acts, names like Barbara Morgenstern, Cobra Killer, Chica + The Folder, Masha Qrella, Quarks, etc. would go on to expand the feminine voice of music: a voice that can be pensive and subtle, or erratic and confrontational. With that in mind, Monika is proud to introduce its compilation of salvos: Monika Force. Consisting of rarities, b-sides and selections from Gudrun herself, Force is the best and the rarest of the Monika sound. Included on the 70 minute compilation: A collaboration between Berlin DJ and singer Manuela Krause and dub experimenter Stefan Betke [a k a POLE]; The Burka Band's 'Burka Blue.' An Afghani all-girl band which made headlines world-wide on Monika gets a remix from Monika's own Barbara Morgenstern; The Dntel remix of Morgenstern's 'Aus Heiterem Himmel', previously only available on vinyl. The original English / German song is the magnificent opening track of Morgenstern's Nichts Muss; Cobra Killer's 'Heavy Rotation' remixed by Like a Tim. Also from a vinyl-only 12", Cobra Killer [Gino V. D'Orio and Annikaline Trost] is a duo unmatched in spectacle and force; The amazing off-kilter single from Masha Qrella, 'I Want You To Know' which has steadily found its way onto mix-tapes world wide, as remixed by Tobi Higgs; An exclusive Komëit remix from T. Raumschmiere, a Dinky mix from Chica + the Folder's award deserving debut album; And more contributions from the entire Monika roster make up over an hour's world of music. Also included is a bonus video of Morgenstern's 'We're All Gonna Fucking Die'. Monika Force is a perfect opportunity to stand back and look at Monika as a whole, as a concept and as a plan. 40 releases in, the label has not wavered from Gut's original dream and has continued to challenge the status quo: redefining the meaning and exhibiting the power of music. By moving away from the artificial club atmosphere, and re-engaging the rock paradigm, Monika is making a new way for music in the decades ahead. It's time to follow: Monika Force."