Kompakt Total 14


With Total 14, Kompakt's extremely popular compilation series returns to the fore after its sabbatical in 2013; a well-needed break from the routine that was put to good use, resulting in one of the most riveting installments in the series yet. Both veteran and freshman artists were chosen for an exhaustive overview of past label exploits, including powerful cuts from the likes of Dauwd, Kolsch, Blond:ish, Michael Mayer and The Field -- but this wouldn't be Total without the exclusive stuff, so Kompakt is more than happy to add a generous serving of brand new tracks from Superpitcher, Saschienne, Weval, Thomas/Mayer, Voigt & Voigt, The Modernist and Jürgen Paape. As with every compilation, the label's selection for Total 14 has to meet the high demands of a perfect mix tape -- you'll need some bangers on there, don't forget the atmospheric lot, keep the story arc in mind... the formula isn't too complicated, but Kompakt thinks they nailed it big time, thanks to a particularly strong line-up showcasing both the best-sellers and the personal favorites of the last two label years. What's most striking, however, is how a pool of artists as distinct as Coma, Thomas Fehlmann, Sebastien Bouchet, DJ Tennis or GusGus can find harmony in diversity, with a cut such as Maceo Plex's glamorous prime-time stomper "Conjure Superstar" leading to the delicate nostalgia of Weval's "Something" in the most natural manner. Speaking of which, the Amsterdam duo's contribution to Total 14 is also part of the exclusive material on the compilation: this includes exciting new tracks from some of Kompakt's most cherished artists - such as Superpitcher's dreamy "Delta," Saschienne's neon-lit "Horacio Delirium," the Tobias Thomas and Michael Mayer-helmed "Unter Holzern," Voigt & Voigt's cybernetic ditty "Tischlein Deck Dich," The Modernist's pop-infused "Die Fette Gazelle and the Hidden Sixpack" and Jürgen Paape's "Heuriger," the long-awaited (and slightly insane) follow-up to his Total 10 classic "Ofterschwang." From Mississippi to Neo-Tokyo, you'll need only one soundtrack for the trip, and it's this one. Other artists include: Gui Boratto (feat. Coma And Hell), Terranova (feat. Cath Coffey), Dave DK, Gunjah & Niconé, DAMH, DJ Tennis (feat. Pillowtalk), Partial Arts, Justus Köhncke, and John Tejada.