Kompakt Total 12


Twelve... the omnipresent mystique number. There's 12 stars on Europe's banner, 12 apostles, 12 titans, 12 Knights of the Round Table, Schoenberg's twelve-tone music and yes, Kompakt's beloved compilation series is entering its 12th round. After a jolly and colorful first semester of 2011, the label has decided to focus mainly on the core members of the family. For the first time in ages, all five founding members of Kompakt are on board this single CD and double vinyl. But first things first. The opening slot belongs to Belgium's Kolombo. His brilliant Howard Jones-sampled slow-motion disco hit "Waiting For" is already a staple on advanced late-night floors. Same goes for Michael Mayer's remix of WhoMadeWho's tearjerking "Every Minute Alone." Italy's whiz kids Tale Of Us are currently causing a stir with their mighty remix for GusGus' summer anthem "Over." Superpitcher presents his first new material since his full-length Kilimanjaro and yes, it's as wonderful as the title suggests. Michael Mayer increases the energy level and freak factor with his slightly psychotic "That's What I Told Sanchez." Gui Boratto's monstrous "The Drill" brings schaffel techno back to its cradle. We want to take this opportunity to clarify that Matias Aguayo actually still has a nicotine habit whereas -- according to the song -- Rebolledo is the non-smoker. "I Don't Smoke" is bonafide summer hit and definitely too good to miss out on this comp. Jörg Burger reactivated his dancefloor alter ego as The Modernist and delivers one of his trademark, streamlined groovers that perfectly catches the energy of his current live shows. Coma throw in their much-lauded brand of "fine trance" and prepare the grounds for Total 12's deeper finale. Like with his Kafkatrax efforts, Wolfgang Voigt continues his research of the human voice, this time in the shape of an opera singer that dives into an enchanted ambient techno track. "Frieden" (trans. "Peace") couldn't be more aptly-titled. Reinhard Voigt ends his self-imposed recording hiatus and returns with a deep piece of urban techno that leaves you hungry for more. Last but not least, Burger/Voigt introduce their new drone-heavy live project Mohn that works somewhere between shoegaze and trippy downtempo techno. "Tiefental" is equally designed for dancing purposes or opium dens.