One Word One Sound


With: Alexander Hacke, Chrislo, FX Randomiz, Kid 606, Loopspool, Merzbow, Peter Rehberg, Sparks, Zentralflughafen, Lesser. "One word and one recorded sound a few seconds long, this is the minimal specification of the BR Radio Drama and Media Art Department in its invitation to musical and media art formations to participate in the project One Word One Sound. The word and sound called for may be used to generate a radio play, either appearing or disappearing in it. This acoustic requirement may be used as a stimulus or as a quote, or it may be contradicted in some form. Whatever: this invitation is not just a form of arbitrary actionism. It continues a number of traditions. On the one hand, the concept is a play on the one-word poem of modern literature, on serial texts such as those created by the American lyric poet Robert Lax. On the other, the requirement relates to the tradition of the minimalists. Although the projects created are not expected to lead to minimalistic radio plays. A third strand comes from the Radio Play and Media Art Department of BR; there is a tradition here of issuing invitations to help create projects, the last occasion being in 2000 with soundstories. This time it is intended to give the artists invited maximum scope for creative action with minimum preset requirements. On one level, word and sound are closely linked. The creation of sounds makes use of the material basis for the written or printed word: of paper. On the other hand, the words spoken by authors can be understood as sounds. In this way, word and sound are given a material relationship which not only suggests the traditional genesis of a radio play, of text or music -- notes on a piece of paper. By means of sampling, it also highlights the artistic development of this material using improvisation and digital media. At the same time the samples on which 'One Word One Sound' are based point beyond this interconnection. They take on a life of their own by virtue of their special material and acoustic qualities. As signifier and acoustic event, word and sound are connected in an as yet undefined relationship -- and they thus open up scope for creativity. Word and sound are linked through the metaphor of paper, without anticipating or limiting any further artistic bridging."