The Four Quarters


Vladislav Delay (aka Luomo and Uusitalo) is a techno producer and one of the most highly-regarded Finnish innovators in experimental music and especially with the method referred to as clicks and cuts. The Four Quarters is his third release on his own Huume label, not counting his releases under his alter-ego Luomo. The longer, more ambient aspects of his approach were revealed through releases on Chain Reaction (Multila), Mille Plateaux (Entain, Anima) and Staubgold (Naima). This solo record continues the Delay tradition of intriguingly moody motifs in his most personal and intimate recording to date. Having become slightly sensitive and critical towards "electronic" music in some way, the composer challenged himself and set a goal to create an "electronic" album he'd like to hear and listen to. While ignoring labels and sub-genres and concentrating on sound and music instead, something of a personal revelation was experienced while producing The Four Quarters; for after having escaped the electronic sounds and his recent musical past for some time now it felt refreshing and inviting to go back to where it all had begun some ten years ago. A quest to find music not yet heard. This time around, though, it was possible for him to paint the picture with the exact colors he wanted; to realize his vision in sound and beyond. The soundtrack of Vladislav Delay. Music for the humans. As the title suggests, there are four lengthy pieces of music being offered for more than casual listening. During the making of this music, the utmost care was taken to create something for the pure pleasure of it, and nothing was protected or kept sacred, and no over-thinking or analyzing ever took over the artist. As always, Vladislav Delay is on the look-out for new and surprising elements, sounds and arrangements, and it might be that on The Four Quarters the aspect of sound design is taken to the furthest limits imaginable amongst all his works. The result is the unmistakable, warm sound of Vladislav Delay.