Paper Tigers


Vladislav Delay is finally back as Luomo. Widely regarded as one of dance music's most forward-thinking producers, Luomo has recorded for Kinetic/BMG and Force Tracks, done remixes for DFA and Massive Attack and started up his own label called Huume. Paper Tigers is the new Luomo, it is out on his own Huume label, it is brilliantly lush and expansive dance music, and it is here to stay. As the trends of electronic music shift like Saharan sands, there are a few releases which stand as classics. One of those belongs to Luomo: Vocalcity (2000). An impossibly deep record with a smoky vision of the dancefloor, Vocalcity did to house music what Aphex Twin's Classics did to techno -- it accentuates the genre's most developed signifiers until it became art. For Luomo, House music is an aquatic experience, vocals are edited, beats are environments and atmosphere extends outward past the solar system and inwards towards the ear canal, until the two meet at your feet. He continued to pioneer the new House sound with the release of the smooth and sexy The Present Lover (2003) -- but Paper Tigers calculates a future house. House music that is delicately crafted from disco-ball shards. House music that filters vocals through space-age parabolics. House music that transcends the dancefloor and leaps into your eardrums. That Luomo is Finnish cannot be overlooked. Brought up on sound as art, away from the super-clubs of Ibiza or London, he brings a fresh perspective. Using the English lyrics of a famous Finnish jazz vocalist (Johanna Iivanainen), the vocals sound practically Martian. Her technique is signature Luomo and here the magic amplifies on tracks like "The Tease is Over" and "Really Don't Mind." Ambient house begins to enter his pallette as well with songs like the title track and "Make Believe." Luomo also employs the vocals of Wire magazine cover star AGF (Antye Greie) on one track. So Vlad is back as Luomo, and it is as though he has never left. House music will never be the same... until he returns... again.