Lost Myself

HC 039CD HC 039CD

Shola Adisa-Farrar and Florian Pellissier, raised on opposite sides of the Atlantic, combine their talents for Lost Myself. This musical voyage blends New York hard-bop aesthetics and reggae-inspired elements with the jazz of today for a fresh spin on jazz classics and original compositions. Vocalist Shola Adisa-Farrar, a native of Oakland, California, was born into a family of artists and intellectuals. Shola began singing at the age of eight, influenced by her Jamaican upbringing and the soul and jazz classics that played in her home. At a young age, Shola garnered attention for her distinct raspy voice, which enabled her to perform a variety of musical styles as well as secure radio spots as a voice-over artist. After living in New York City for eight years, where she earned a bachelor's degree in Music, she moved to Paris, where she continues to perform and developing her musical style. This album is her exploration into jazz. Florian Pellissier, Parisian pianist and composer, is known for the authenticity and hard-bop style he brings to his music. A graduate of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, Pellissier has spearheaded his own quintet, with which he has released two successful albums, Le diable et son train (2012) and Biches Bleues (2014). Pellissier has also contributed his musical talent, which includes his command of the Rhodes, to jazz and funk projects such as Setenta, Camarao Orkestra, Chevere Que Son, Cotonete, and Guts. During Shola's year-long residence as a performer for Le Réservoir's Sunday Jazz Brunch, Hot Casa Records' DJ duo introduced Shola to Pellissier, sensing the two artists would musically complement each other. In July 2013, their musical collaboration began. Bonding over their love of jazz autobiographies, swapping music, and improvising together, a studio collaboration was born in the hidden basement of Colorblind Studio on Paris's Left Bank. The result is a collection of eight spiritually tinged jazz tracks recorded live on analog equipment to maintain the traditional quality of the music, from sultry introspections to rhythmic compositions grounded in intense emotion. Included are jazz classics such as "Feeling Good" and "I Have A Dream" (a tribute to Herbie Hancock, whose music has influenced Pellissier ever since his formative years in New York). CD includes three extra tracks.