Songs For Creatures


Remastered and re-packaged 2003 release. This is the debut album by Psychonauts, comprised of members Pablo Clement and Paul Mogg. During the duo's formative years, James Lavelle's UNKLE project was part of the highly influential Mo Wax Records artist roster, where Lavelle was also head of A&R. In no time, he had moved Psychonauts to London, gave them a residency at his "Dusted" party and put them into the studio with KUDO from Major Force. From these sessions came the single "Hot Blood" which served as a lynchpin for the album and a track James Murphy cited as a sonic reference for the first Rapture album. By now the hype machine had kicked-in with remixes and DJ appearances impressing all and sundry and a rapidly building a fan-base. Among this fan base was Alan Moulder and Flood, the infamous producers behind London's world class Assault & Battery studio. The two veterans of music production invited the Psychonauts and KUDO to record and mix at their studio. Amongst the collaborators on Songs For Creatures you will find James Yorkston, Siobhan Fahey from Swing Out Sister, Sam Lynham known for her work with post-punk, pre-The Rapture legends, Gramme and Zeben Jameson, the lead singer from Mountain Of One. Jim Abbiss, the man of several notable moments, pops up with mixing credits too. Since making Songs For Creatures, Pablo Clement joined James Lavelle as one-half of UNKLE. Paul Mogg relocated to Berlin where he jumped from project to project, finally taking root with Boy Of Girl. Gigolo felt that it was time to release the record as originally intended. Restoring the lost recording of "Wild In Your Eyes" and then repackaging and re-mastering brings the album full circle. The duo states, "We always felt like we missed the boat a little. Mo Wax fans were expecting a 'trip-hop' album and disco was still a dirty word. Looking back, it feels ahead of what was going on." One listen to the album in its entirety would leave any music lover hard-pressed to argue with such a sentiment.