3-4 Weeks
Eskimo Recordings Presents: The Pink Collection

ESK 506032 ESK 506032

The acclaimed record label from Ghent, Belgium brings you The Pink Collection. It's the first installment in a brand-new compilation series on Eskimo. They have selected 13 brand-new songs -- all produced exclusively for this concept -- with exquisite care. This labor of love is the fresh start of a new decade of Eskimo Recordings, and at the same time reassuring once again what the label stands for: timeless quality and originality. James Curd, Adam Frawley and Mitchell van Kaathoven aka Holy Models are a three-piece "psychedelic daytime disco" band hailing from South Australia. Their work transports the listener into a dream-state, yet renders them fully conscious. Satin Jackets was created in 2010 as a studio project from Germany. 12" compatible arrangements, a spoonful or two of friskiness and addictive bass-lines unfold their magic, relying on nifty four-to-the-floor grooves topped off with a decent amount of glitter. Brynjolfur hails from the Faroe Islands but now resides in Copenhagen, finding inspiration in warm, deep acid and old school disco sounds as well as spacey, atmospheric moods. Filtered through Bergen's urban expressions, Made In Sane's sound bounces back into the world in a new form. This is the sound for mind and body. Mastercris is quite fond of vocals and for this track he invited Novika to collaborate, the undisputed first lady of the Polish electronic club scene. Ichisan is a Slovenian photographer by day, and extraterrestrial guru by night. His disco-funk formula merely serves as a guide to the mad genius as he converts blueprints to an interplanetary exploration into an audio map of the universe. Martin changed his musical direction and turned his path to the roots of the music he had always loved and admired: disco. Bursting from the digital underground is Next is Majestique -- a production team from the Netherlands consisting of Mike Luck and Thomas Helsloot and their shared passion for strange chords, running arpeggiators and dusty drum computers. Boom C Trap and Freshmint founded The Living Islands inspired by jungle clatter and the sound of waves hitting the beach. Their mission: to create twisted, fresh pop tunes that spark and entice. ATTAR! is the solo project of Renaud Deru, and on his tracks he invited Cherry aka Laura Riganti for the brilliant vocals. Golden Fleece extends his talents to the studio with his productions and collaborations with fellow synth-tinkler Pete Herbert. Copycat is the alter ego of Swedish producer Ivan Matanovic, who specializes in all kinds of disco, always with his typical blend of melancholy and catchy melodies -- the perfect soundtrack for night driving. Finally, there's Kasper Björke -- one of the most renowned and versatile Danish contributors to the international electronic music scene; both as a DJ and producer. "The Grey Area" clearly shows Kasper's affection for '80s soundtrack-like soundscapes and SH 101 arppeggios.