Echo Beach 30th Anniversary Remixes

EB 080CD EB 080CD

"Echo Beach" is a legendary new wave tune recorded in 1980 by the Canadian combo Martha & The Muffins. Germany's finest (as far as progressive sounds and flows are concerned) dub label, named Echo Beach and inspired by the lyrics and spirit of that track, has set out to pay tribute to this song, which is more than a classic. The first mix/remix of "Echo Beach," done by Reverend E.C.H.O. and released on the Echo Beach sampler Various Artists: Far Away In Time has already enjoyed a strong reputation worldwide. Mark Gane, the original composer of "Echo Beach" and still a member of Martha & The Muffins reacted thusly, "It sounds as if the original 'Echo Beach' was shot into outer space, hit a planet and floated back to earth in pieces!" Now, 30 years later, after "Echo Beach" was written, the Echo Beach label proudly presents the 30th anniversary remixes. The original track is one of those tunes that on first hearing you like, but can't exactly place why, and by 30 seconds into the spin, you're close to falling in love. Martha Johnson, the female vocalist on "Echo Beach" said recently: "2010 marks thirty years since the song that Mark Gane wrote and I sang was first heard around the world. The passage of time only makes the song more nostalgic for many people who hear it and recall a special time in their lives. The reinvention of 'Echo Beach' by so many artists brings new life and a new audience to the song." So check out the vibes -- beautiful, uplifting and classy dubby-housy-funky-chilly-ambient -- and head out to the "Echo Beach." Remix artists include: Oliver Frost, Thomas Fehlmann, Gateway To Samadhi, Polar Rundfunk, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, Grand Phabao, Aldubb, Go Home Productions, Karl Moestl, Internationally Trained Bunnies, Disco Boys, Hakan Lidbo, and Jimmy Caulty vs. Salz vs. Groove Corporation vs. Paralyzer.