Modern Wild Dub: Dread Meets Disco Punk Rocker Downtown

EB 045CD EB 045CD

Featuring: Colder, Playgroup, !!!, Chicks on Speed, LCD Soundstystem, Radio 4, Outhud, The Ruts, Chicken Lips, etc. "Echo Beach proudly presents a brilliant and logical follow up to the Wild Dub compilation. Just 10 month after wild dub took over the dancefloor around the world -- modern wild dub will be a blastwave of your average dancefloor feeling. Now subtitled as Dread meets Disco Rocker Downtown, yes it´s a shame that Alan Vega (Suicide) is not around, the tracklisting presents the top underground dancefloor avantgardists of today. A brilliant collection of freshed faced enthusiastic and wonderful early roots of white disco punk meets dreads around the world. Very dynamic cross cultural happening -- where remixers and producers forced into mutant disco dubs. From the DFA center in New York/Manhattan comes LCD Soundsystem. Around the corner -- from Brooklyn -- Radio 4 (produced by James Murphy & Tim Goldsworthy for The DFA) with a very 'londonish' style mix by On-U Sound mastermind Adrian Sherwood in co-operation with Pop Group's Mark Stewart. Stafford´s (UK) most advanced party band and remixer project Chicken Lips contribute with 'boil in the bag'. G. Rizo from New York (born in Africa) is getting amazing reaction around the world and has been held as the perfect reincarnation of Grace Jones, any question !?? Colder And Playgroup coming along with some perfect stylish modern wild dub tracks. Playgroup with a remix of Berlin´s finest moment in emancipate women disco punk -- Chicks On Speed. !!! with 'Me & Guiliani Walking Down the School Yard' is a really true story and straight out of New York -- they just signed to Warp in England. 'Contort Yourself' is of course a remix/reconstruction of James White (one of the arliest and white disco punks ever) by Twitch inna Optimo remix. Kid Loco makes the needle sharp for the vinyl attack of The Ruts and their Babylon´s Burning. A remake and reconstruction from Paris downtown. Vintage Punk Funk comes from Big Two Hundred and post Public Image Limited - style from Outhud in New York. Modern Wild Dub represents the best of punk disco trip dub that continues to extend discodub's natural roots into the cockpit of the 21st century Dubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb ! A very lovely sum up...check the dancefloor vibe! Liner Notes by Mark Stewart (Pop Group)."