Cocoon Compilation O


Cocoon Compilation O opens with Roland M. Dill's "The Messenger," an epic, cinematic masterpiece full of emotions. It carries the spirit of hot party nights in Ibiza. Russia-based producer Tripmastaz offer the first beats of the night with his minimal house track "Grindin." The cool bassline and tool-like beat programming represent the new school of deep minimal house producers who offer much more than a simple Ableton loop and a filter. Dana Ruh ("If You Don't Know a Name") and youANDme ("Jungle Book") present two cool tech-house productions with rolling basslines and fat house chords merged with versatile, driving drum programming. This is the sound of the path toward and into the club, on the edge of the first Cocoon night of the year. The party really begins with Traumer and Tom Demac, who speed things up and open the techno chambers of the selection. Minimal heaven, crazy and electronic, this is the peak-time sound of this night. Naples-based producer Dast is the right man for this moment, which he proves with his old-school-flavored "Paranormal Effect." He increases the beat count again with this rave hymn, almost warping the listener to the days of R&S and Go Bang! with its pure summer rave atmosphere. Steve Parker delivers a minimal techno monster for all the Robert Hood fans out there. The perfect sound for a techno floor full of smoke and shamanic dancers. The night is turning toward madness. Lee van Dowski and his "www" follows the techno path of the previous two tracks with mental synth and fat bass programming; DJ food for the techno floors. As the peak-time section fades, things slowly swing out to a cool and deep ending. Karim Sahraoui's "The Comforter" slows down the tempo, adding some melody and feeling to the selection, while its nice acid bassline and beat still keep bodies moving. Reset Robot's "She" packs in more emotion, ending up almost as epic as Roland M. Dill's opening number. "Hanami (Armonia Rosa)" by Luca Ballerini is a supreme highlight and a perfect ending to this compilation; the right tune to guide the listener into the sunrise on the beach. Pushing beats, emotions, acid, and techno, and even epic moments and old-school flashbacks -- you'll find it all here.