The Light Gets In


Musical independence, diversity and stylistic boundlessness are basic elements in Ensemble Du Verre's music. Jazz, dubstep, house, and breakbeat merge and create the unique E.D.V. sound, like on the new album The Light Gets In, which perfectly represents personal expression and creative potential of producer and multi-instrumentalist Soenke Duewer. He is a thoroughbred musician with a lot of live experience. The Light Gets In is a homogeneous collection of songs, performed by the singer Shirin Al-Mousa. She sings on all of the 11 songs, and wrote all the imaginative and often ambiguous lyrics. Her multifaceted vocals bring jazz and soul into their music, giving it an intimate warmth and beauty. Her impressive vocal flexibility adds a very special touch to the predominantly downtempo music. Pulsing, electronic soundclouds, fat beats and bass, spiritual music of the '70s, and Fender Rhodes create a new path in the musical landscape of today. Deep roots in jazz as well as a background in DJing are evident at all times. Also essential are great melodic diversities that never bore the listener at any time. Ensemble Du Verre's history: the first step was the album Facing, Transparent, released in 2004. The sound was already marked with cross-stylistics and electronic influences. E.D.V. played a lot of concerts and in May 2004 they started to perform as the support band for Bugge Wesseltoft. In the following year Sing Me Something was released. International stars like Sidsel Endresen, Ursula Rucker, and Torun Eriksen contributed their voices to the album. Sing Me Something was nominated for album of the year 2005 at Art Online. In 2008 Soenke Duewer founded his own label, Battery. Sanctuary for Animals was released in the same year. That album won the "Prize of German Record Critics." Ursula Rucker collaborated as well. For Duewer she wrote and produced the song "Uh, Uh," on her album Ma 'At Mama. Also in 2008 they released Remixed, all tracks taken from "Sanctuary for Animals." Contributors included Volker Meitz (Sonar Kollektiv Orchestra) and Stefan Rogall (eg nylon). In October 2011 the fifth album from Ensemble Du Verre was released: The Contemporary Cowboy -- a manifestation of Duewer's sound.