1-2 Weeks
Le 4 Giornate Di Napoli


2010 release. Digitmovies releases, for the very first time in its complete form on CD, Carlo Rustichelli's orchestral original soundtrack for the dramatic movie Le 4 Giornate Di Napoli (aka "The Four Days Of Neaples"). Directed in 1962 by Nanni Loy and starring Gian Maria Volonté, Aldo Giuffré, Lea Massari, Jean Sorel, Georges Wilson, Regina Bianchi, and Frank Wolff. This movie, inspired by the 1956 book by Aldo De Jaco La Città Insorge: Le Quattro Giornate Di Napoli, was produced by Goffredo Lombardo for Titanus and was nominated at the 1962 Academy Awards for best foreign movie. In 1963 it won three Silver Ribbon prizes for direction, scenario, and best supporting actress (Regina Bianchi). On the September 28th, 1943, following the execution of some Italian sailors, a violent revolt of the population of Naples starts so that within four days the German occupiers are defeated and have to flee from the city before the arrival of the Allied forces. In this collective action -- also singular episodes -- popular characters are featured as protagonists of the rebellion: from the boys who did escape from the reformatory to enjoy the insurrection to the little Gennarino Capuozzo who dies on the barricades as well as many other characters among whom we must especially remember the student Adolfo Pansini, who sacrificed his own life to rescue his compatriots. This CD is possible thanks the support of C.A.M. in whose archives all the mono master tapes of the original session have been preserved. Carlo Rustichelli has written one of the most beautiful themes of his whole career and one of which he was particularly proud: "La Tarantella Della Liberazione". This motif is always reprised in the OST with continuous symphonic variations, alternating mysterious and suspenseful passages with others which are more dramatic and action-like. To pay further tribute to dear Rustichelli, Digitmovies close the CD indeed with a suite which the composer himself had assembled for the CD "Carlo Rustichelli, Ritratto Di Un Autore", released by C.A.M. in 2001. A right and proper rescue and preservation of the Italian silver age.