1-2 Weeks
Due Mafiosi Nel Far West / I Due Sergenti Del Generale Custer


2010 release. Digitmovies present on a double-CD set two complete OSTs from the two comedy western movies Due Mafiosi Nel Far West and I Due Sergenti Del Generale Custer with the cool comedy pair Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. Due Mafiosi Nel Far West (aka "Two Gangsters In The Far West") was directed in 1964 by Giorgio Simonelli. The time is the late 19th century: The two Sicilians Franco and Ciccio are paying off their punishment in jail for having stolen two mules. Soon after having been set free, they leave for Texas to rescue a gold mine owned by their grandfathers which is now in the bandits' hand. I Due Sergenti Del Generale Custer (aka "Two Sergeants Of General Custer") was directed in 1965 also by Giorgio Simonelli. Franco and Ciccio La Pera are two Yankee soldiers of Sicilian roots who, during the American Secession War, are accused of desertion and condemned to death. A secret plan of the army saves their lives, but there are still many troubles ahead for the two. Never released before, both scores come directly from the mono mastertapes archived at RCA. Due Mafiosi Nel Far West, scored by Giorgio Fabor (Fabio Borgazzi), one of the most noted Italian musicians. This OST is very varied and based on two main themes: "Fuoco Nel Cielo" ("Fire In The Sky"), a brilliant western-flavored motif performed by Giancarlo Guardabassi which is introduced in "Titoli Di Testa" and reprised and "Due Mafiosi Nel Far West" performed by Ciccio and Franco themselves and then played in instrumental versions. The OST includes saloon music for solo piano, flamenco themes for electric solo guitar, and dramatic orchestral music. I Due Sergenti Del Generale Custer features the music score by Angelo F. Lavagnino. The score is based on the amusing main title theme, a funny whistled march, resumed throughout and in the "Finale". Lavagnino has written suspense and mystery music for the most dramatic and action scenes of the movie, a delicate and nostalgic love theme for violin and trumpet, and several dances for the scenes in the fort. This double-CD set collects two hours of music from the Italian silver age -- a sincere tribute to the inimitable Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia.