Missione Eroica I Pompieri 2 / Scuola Di Ladri Parte Seconda


Digitmovies explores the decade of the 1980s by releasing for the very first time and in full stereo the soundtracks of the prolific Bruno Zambrini from two successful Italian comedies produced by Mario and Vittorio Cecchi Gori: Missione Eroica I Pompieri 2 ("Heroic Mission The Firefighters 2") of 1987 directed by Giorgio Capitani and Scuola Di Ladri Parte Seconda ("School Of Thieves Part 2") of 1987 directed by Neri Parenti. In the first movie we have a team of heroic firefighters which sets loose only troubles, in the second one the misadventures of two funny thieves. At the time of the films' releases RCA produced a series of promotional albums which were printed only in a limited edition for use as radio and TV background. Dedicated to the OSTs of Bruno Zambrini, Manuel De Sica, Fabio Liberatori, they did contain selections from the 1980s comedies -- of course these are vinyl LPs which are impossible to find nowadays. In addition to the assembled master tapes for the library LPs, Digitmovies have also used for this CD the complete session master tapes in full stereo which have been preserved in the RCA archives. In the '80s musicians definitely worked with much economy by using more electronic keyboards than the standard orchestra which were then accompanied by acoustic instruments such as bass guitar, electric guitars, drums, and sax. However, the final result was almost always great, never on a poor quality level, and inevitably the sound was strongly influenced by the Italian dance music which was so popular in those years on the radio and in the discos. This CD is a very enjoyable listening experience (in particular while driving in a car), an authentic and endless explosion of joy which turns our minds back to a time twenty years ago. For Missione Eroica I Pompieri 2, Zambrini alternates a heroic march with dance sound with funny themes, sexy music, a sweet waltz, and dramatic and suspenseful sequences. For Scuola Di Ladri Parte Seconda, Zambrini has written a love theme with dancefloor flavor called "Blue Velvet" which is introduced in the main titles by a male voice and then reprised in instrumental versions and performed by a female voice. There is also some action and dramatic music.