Viva El Sabado: Hits De Disco Pop Peruano (1978 - 1989)

BR 171LP BR 171LP

This compilation brings together for the first time diverse Peruvian musical groups that immersed themselves in dance music following the codes brought by the disco revolution. As a phenomenon of a new culture, the global dissemination of disco music had various variations and reformulations. The way it took root in Peru constitutes a fascinating yet underexplored history, despite the numerous recordings that came to light, mainly in the 1980s, running parallel to the boom of Peruvian tropical music, the emergence of a new pop rock scene, and the widespread use of synthesizers and electronic drums. And even though the groups were eclectic and moved across various musical genres, their dance music hits have now become cult pieces. From Lima to Trujillo, from Iquitos to Tarapoto, this compilation presents a wide range of sounds designed for the dance floor: unrestrained, eclectic, and high-energy. From pioneering groups with brief yet foundational trajectories like Rollets (composed of members from the rock group Laghonia) or Santodomingo Kid (led by experimental musician Luis David Aguilar), who range from boogie to soul disco with electrifying synthesizer sounds. But also, the exotic arrangements of Grupo América and Grupo Cremolada, to the tropical disco pop sound of Grupo San Francisco or Los Roller's de Tarapoto. From the space disco ventures of Grupo Swing to the synthesized pop sound of Pepo Rock, Jaque Mate, or Annie. Viva el sábado: Hits De Disco Pop Peruano (1978 - 1989) constitutes a fabulous and unique document to delve into Peruvian dance music and initiates a new series at Buh Records that will present in various volumes some of the treasures of disco music in Peru. Compilation and research by Luis Alvarado. The album includes a booklet with extensive information and visual documentation. Mastered by Alberto Cendra. Art and design by Estudio Famas.