Compilation of classic BPitch tracks from the past few years, featuring: Ellen Allien, Kiki, Modeselektor, Sascha Funke, Housemeister, Feadz, Thomas Andersson, TimTim, Smash TV, Sylvie Marks & Hal9000, Paul Kalkbrenner. "At night on the camping ground. The people on Your lefthandside are listening to the radio. In the distance near by the showers somebody is singing German Schlager music, rather out of tune. It's high time to reveal your treasure: the BPitch Control release number 100! That was fast! People shaking their heads in disbelief, while you toss the CD into your boom box. The first Track, no doubt, it must be Kiki. As the air densifies, and the space deepens, more and more people packed with beers are starting to pour into your tent. They start to dance as the beats get louder, all of a sudden the place has turned into a club and everything is good. How do you congratulate yourself for the magic 100 mark, if you are to young and agile for a sapient retrospective? BPitch Control shows you how! They connect past, present and future with the launch of a new compilation series called Camping. 20 Tracks will present the work of the last 5 years of the Berlin-based label. Not the chronological order, but the timeless flow. After Sylvie Marks & Hal 9000´s elegant pop state of mind catches up with Kiki's dramatic opener, Paul Kalkbrenner aka Mr. Rave himself, follows up along with the typical kind of urban melancholy we love so much about Ellen Allien and Modeselektor. Sascha Funke, Smash TV, and Housemeister's tracks are a fast forward trip towards the dancefloor, sparking tunes, while Thomas Andersson and Feadz turn us upsidedown with their madness. Timtim waves us goodbye with a tear in his eye, but why be sad if you can just hit the repeat switch on your CD-player?! Music as a medium for ideas -- BPitch Control presents its artists as individuals as well as a part of the whole collective in which everyone has his share. This is what creates the attractive force surrounding the Bpitch environment: Homogenity through diversity. BPitch Control doesn't follow trends but instead creates style. Self-sufficient, sometimes humorous but always making sense and never leaving the dancefloor out of sight. Camping bestows us with all of this. Let them put up their tents in your front garden and go outside to live together with them happily ever after...."