Tutti Dentro

BCM 9588CD BCM 9588CD

Beat Records is pleased to reissue on double-CD Tutti Dentro (aka "Ab in den Knast" and "Everybody in Jail") a comedy directed in 1984 by Alberto Sordi, with a screenplay by Alberto Sordi and Rodolfo Sonego, photography by Sergio D'Offizi, editing by Tatiana Casini Morigi, music score by Piero Piccioni and production by Augusto Caminito for Scena Film. The cast includes Alberto Sordi, Joe Pesci, Dalila Di Lazzaro, Armando Francioli, Giuseppe Mannajuolo, Giorgia Moll, Gianni Rizzo, Franco Scandurra, Marisa Solinas, Tino Bianchi, Giordano Falzoni, and Carlo Deni. In 1984, General Music released a 33RPM (GM 30714) assembled by the composer containing twelve selections in stereo. Maestro Piccioni chose dance pieces alternating with romantic themes, plus three different versions of the song "By And By", featuring the voice of Gloria Paul. With great pleasure, Beat Records reissue the original vinyl album program for the first time on CD, but there's more. Having access to the stereo masters of the recording session, the label discovered 26 unreleased tracks, resulting in this fabulous soundtrack presentation on a double-CD set. The listener will thus be able to appreciate orchestral romantic themes, instrumental versions of "By And By", dance pieces and alternate versions of the cues on the original album. At the end of disc two, a special treat for fans of the beloved Maestro Piccioni: the composer plays the main theme on the piano, introducing it with his own voice. Mastering and liner notes by Claudio Fuiano, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini. Includes 12-page booklet.